Nancy Meyers has done it again, and by that we mean bring us the happy news that there will be another Father of the Bride film titled Father of the Bride (ish).

From what we can see in the trailers released below the whole family is back, including Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Kieran Culkin, George Newbern, Martin Short and some special guest stars. We have a list of who we think it will be (B.D. Wong and Eugene Levy), but the question we’re most intrigued by is who will play the now 25 year old daughter Megan and 25 year old grandson George? We’ve looked at instagram and based on some heavy Instagram analysis we’re guessing Peyton List and Chet Hanks. We’d love to see Meyers’ film favourites Lindsay Lohan (The Parent Trap) and Nat Wolff (Home Again) take on the roles, but we shall see this weekend!

One of the trailers revealed it will also quite possibly be in the style of a zoom call. If this is the case, we wonder how they will explain all the characters being separated (due to COVID-19 restrictions) and what exactly will the storyline entail? We’re just hoping it’s in a similar style to one of our favourite Modern Family episodes “Connection Lost” (Season 6, Episode 16).

The only thing we’re sure of is that this is pretty much the only wedding related event we’ll be attending this year. RSVP’ing this one as ATTENDING.

Be sure to watch the trailers below and click on the Father of the Bride (Ish) YouTube video below to watch the film on the 26th September 2020 at 8:00am AEST (September 25th 3pm PT/6pm ET) on Netflix’s YouTube Channel & Facebook to benefit World Central Kitchen.

Videos courtesy of Netflix YouTube

Video courtesy of CNN YouTube

Video courtesy of TV Promos YouTube

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