My points from the live stream: (Speed typing so I hope I caught everything. Also it’s 3am here so I’m hoping I can hear everything correctly.)

– This is honestly a DC dream come true!

– The opening trailer combining all things DC was epic!

– Wonder Woman 1984 will for sure be the movie of the year.

–  “What a way to engage with the fans.” – Patty Jenkins

– “Excited to be here.” – Chris Pine

– Kristen Wigg and Pedro Pascal as we know are the new nemesis of Wonder Woman

– “Miss you so much.” – Gal Gadot

– “Can’t wait for the movie to come out in cinema.” – Patty Jenkins

– Gal Gadot on this experience, “Creative way to communicate.”

– Great way to learn more about the movie.

– On the inspiration for the costumes, they acclimate to the period for Wonder Woman when talking about 1917. Gal and Patty had a great time developing the new style sense [for 1984].

– Pedro discusses the power suits from the 1980’s make something so animated and specific, but stylish and serve the purpose.

– “Amazing time working together… got lucky that we all have such great chemistry”- Gal Gadot

– “Delightful on set.” – Patty Jenkins

– Professional tennis player Venus Williams asked, “who would win in a tennis match between Wonder Woman and Cheetah?” The answer, that WW and Cheetah would overcome their differences to win in a doubles, but Kristen Wiig states, “Cheetah would win.”

– There was also some discussion on how Steve Trevor feels, a fan asked, “how does it feel to be the fish out of water in the 80’s?” With Pine answering, discussing how Trevor navigated the new time with Prince.

– My favourite question, “memorable moment on set?” Kristen Wiig answers, “When Gal and I were fighting, and we were practicing the stunt… great going well, grabbed my hair and my wig… [Wiig imitates a wig falling off] Gal Gadot joins in stating the wig was, “stuck in my gauntlet.” For Chris Pine it was in Washington having shut down Pennsylvania Ave, referring to his 8 year old self, stating it was a privilege doing it.

– Then the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter joins the panel!

– Gal Gadot’s response, “delightful surprise to have you here.”

– Patty Jenkins states, “we think about you every day.”

– Kristen Wiig was pretty much all of us, stating, “So excited to meet you.”

– Lynda Carter states she has, “been a fan from the start.” On Gal Carter states, “my daughter said, I finally get it. I finally get what Wonder Woman means to everyone.” Discussing how she views Gadots Wonder Woman, realising what Carter’s Wonder Woman meant to her generation. (I say her generation, but we’re fans of every Wonder Woman from every era in the DC world.) Carter says, “so, thank you Gal, thank you Patty.”

– Patty Jenkins talking to Carter says, “I want you to know… not here to reinvent Wonder Woman… just here to take the torch and pass it on.”

– Gal Gadot talking to Carter says, “true life Wonder Woman… Thank you for everything…

– Gal Gadot on female superheroes taking centre stage, “for little girls once they see it they believe it.”

– “So empowering.”

– Patty Jenkins says, “we are so excited to be here and see everybody… share a little something back.

– Jenkins then introduces the second official trailer.

Trailer courtesy of Roadshow Films

– We open with Wonder Woman and Diana in Themyscira (my favourite) a montage of past and present Diana running. Again, the ancient games make an appearance, so I’m thinking that’s important. We notice the age of computers. A moment with Steve Trevor saying to Diana you look like you saw a ghost, so obviously Diana is just as confused as us. Also mentioning she looks like, ‘not one day has passed’. And now I’m thinking when Diana has her encounters with Bruce and she reminisces on her past with Trevor, what does that now mean? Cheetah comes in stating she is the next predator, discussing how Diana had everything and people like me [Barbara] nothing, now it’s my turn, get used to it. I love that we’re already seeing this in a trailer so it’d reflecting a great deal more to come. Then we go into an epic showdown between the two. We see Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Cheetah team up. Exciting moment Steve is flying again! Another funny moment Diana explaining advancements in technology, such as radar. Then we encounter Barbara in her Cheetah form where Wonder Woman makes the personal connection saying, ‘Barbara what did you do?’ Love how they reinforce that thought. The movement between the two is amazing. When the wings fall off, I thought it looked so cool. Then we end with another humorous moment where Steve Trevor has had an outfit change and is wearing a bum bag. A mention of parachute pants and I just watched a live where two Aussie cosplayers who will be in the DC Fandome soon, actually chat to a designer who looks at costumes using parachute fabric. Hmm I wonder who that could be?

Overall that was super cool. I can’t wait for the movie and more DC gems!

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