My points from the live stream: (Speed typing so I hope I caught everything. Also it’s also way too early here so I’m hoping I can hear everything correctly and that I’ve typed it all up correctly. I’m waiting to catch the encore sessions to make sure I caught everything.)

  • The Flash… From Quarantine
  • Ezra with the trivia has me loving this panel 
  • Christina Hodson commenting on director Andy Muschietti and his signature style of filming, we then see some moments from IT.
  • Discussing how it can go from emotional to scary really fast.
  • That The Flash is a time travel story
  • THERE WERE DC EASTER EGGS IN THE IT MOVIE! I’m trying to remember if I noticed the Batman movie title at the theatre, I remember the Clark Kent reference.
  • Hodson jokes perhaps Muschietti was working with time travel.
  • Ezra states, Andy was “perfect for this movie.”
  • Hodson talks about Muschietti’s version of the speed force.
  • Barry is the only one who can go back and change his personal story. My question is hmm can he though?
  • The script is everything
  • That The Flash’s personality is captured in the script
  • Hodson discusses how she fell in love with Flash in Flashpoint (I agree it’s a major highlight for me).
  • The discussion that changing the past, by doing so can destroy the future. Or rather deteriorate.
  • Ezra Miller discusses the vulnerability.
  • There’s a note that Barry as a character, as Ezra plays him there’s humour. And spending time with Ezra is like spending time with Barry.
  • Trivia the first Multiverse appearance was in The Flash comic 123.
  • The film is immensely important if you look around at the DC Universe, you all have the characters living in their own universe.
  • All of these stories can start to collide in this film… opening this chapter.
  • That the cinematic multiverse is born out of this movie.
  • Blows our minds.
  • Andy Muschietti discusses the sneak peek and that fans will be, “surprised when you see.”
  • We get interrupted by the track ‘Never gonna give you up’ (classic) and Ezra joking that it wasn’t from his personal playlist. Back to you Andy.
  • We are shown some concept art for Barry’s new suit, that is light and built by Bruce Wayne this time.
  • So many potential cross overs.
  • Muschietti would like to see a Game of Thrones crossover (which I love) where Barry Allen would sit on the Iron Throne.
  • I can’t wait to see the movie!

Concept art courtesy of Warner Bros. DC FanDome


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