This was such an informative panel, so much description behind the thought process and creation of the upcoming Batman film. I’m hoping I got every point down.

  • We open with Robert Pattinson, talking about how ‘anxious’ he is  ‘to get back to work’ as COVID-19 hit whilst filming.
  • He then introduces Matt Reeves who delves into the creative process.
  • But first he says stick around to the end, there’s a cool surprise, so I hope you enjoy.
  • Reeves begins by saying it’s super early to tell us about the movie.
  • Aisha Tyler talks about the idea of ‘a multiverse of Batman, and now you’re [Reeves] taking over this particular iteration of.
  • Reeves begins by discussing the ‘very alive character’ in his version and it ‘wasn’t about how he became Batman’ rather it was about ‘learning how to be Batman’ furthering that thought Reeves discusses it’s also about Gotham and the experiment in criminology or rather the criminological experiment of Gotham and charting what he’s doing.
  • The history of Gotham is explored.
  • Reeves states, “without being an origin story for him, it touches on his origins.” Reflecting on the thought where did my family sit in that?
  • Reeves continues that it’s a “point of view story… mystery, action… incredibly personal for him.
  • Some of the characters and the casting was revealed by Reeves, Paul Dano’s version of the Riddler, Zoe Kravitz as Selena Kyle. This iteration of Selena Kyle touches on these iconic things from the comics.
  • Reeves states, “what you know but what is also new.” Furthering on the thought to, “find a way to make it your own, but still have that element that makes you connect to the character you know.”
  • From what Reeves tells us, “Selena isn’t Catwoman yet.” In the same way that Oswald isn’t Penguin yet.
  • Reeves discusses his work with Andy Serkis and Serkis’ iteration of Alfred. Also mentioning Jeffrey Wright’s new iteration of Gordon. And John Turturro as Falcone.
  • The film explores, “how all these characters connect” exploring one of the challenges, but ultimately “creating the story.”
  • The film will touch on the beginning of these characters.
  • At present Reeves is talking in the middle of this undertaking.
  • Reeves is also working on the series Gotham PD.
  • Tyler asks how will these stories overlap or connect?
  • Reeves answers stating it will go “deeper into an aspect of it… corrupt inner workings of the series.
  • Working with Terence Winter, Reeves saying he is an, “incredible writer.”
  • Of the film Reeves says, “we go back to year one and that is the beginning.”
  • It also explores the POV of Gotham’s corrupt cops.
  • Talking about the realisation that there’s this myth building in the background.
  • With some elements that are known and some totally new.
  • You go down an avenue you couldn’t in the movie. Gets deeper into it.
  • On the costuming in the film Reeves says, “the actors have a lot to do with costuming.” Giving an example that, “Rob talked to Christian Bale” who said just be sure you’ll be able to relieve yourself.
  • Discussing the nature of what this place is and the history of it, is critically important.
  • On the location and creating a space or rather a location that wasn’t recognisable, Reeves says he wanted it to, “feel like an American city you’ve never been to.” To create a version that you haven’t seen before. Furthering this thought by saying you couldn’t use a location so well known, “not Times Square, but Liverpool.” Talking about the aspect of Gotham and realising it has been one of the greatest pleasures in mounting the movie. This little scoop is exclusive to DC Fandome viewers.
  • The question is put to Reeves, how do the citizens of Gotham perceive the vigilante [Batman]? Reeves replies, “Interesting question.” That he’s “not yet the symbol of hope,” that at this moment it’s about the “legend building.” As the public is afraid of him. And it will be one of the things he will confront and what Rob explores.
  • On Robert Pattinson Reeves says he’s an “incredible actor” citing his performances in Lost City of Z where Reeves asks “who is that Guy?… And it’s Rob.” And also referencing Rob in Australian film The Rover. Reeves further states, Rob is a gifted actor and he’s been working on his art. That he’s a tremendous fan of batman and it was an incredible thing to work with him.
    • My notes start to get a bit scattered at this point, but there was mention of someone who can play Batman like you [Pattinson], I think there was mention that it’s something we’ve never seen before.
  • Reeves discusses that it’s like stepping into your childhood, what you think of the character, looking at the design of the batsuit, the batmobile, the batcave, all the things he has to have.
  • How this was formed by the evolving script. Reeves mentions they, “already have a production writer on.” That the script informs the original and different set. With hopes that it’s fun for the audience.
  • Things like the Batmobile and suit took a long time. As Reeves was writing. Stating they spent easily a year on the Batsuit and to get into the Batmobile. Ending with the fact it was ‘ a dream to do your own version of the Batmobile.’
  • Reeves on how the design links to the development of the character, “dive into the idea connected to this character, a grounded version of this character.” That it was an, “incredible gift to get to do that.”
  • Reeves furthers, “as we said, it’s not an origin,” talking about the meaning in the early days and how he’s yet to master certain elements and how to become Batman.
  • That it was exciting not doing the origin, but instead to meet him in the middle of this experiment. To see him develop.
  • That the biggest fantasy as a kid would be to be Batman. To have the audience feel like he feels.
  • Mentioning him being the greatest detective, not central to the plot like they are here. That he wanted to get into the mindset, confronting the beast that is Batman. Him confronting the shadow side of himself. He’s broken. Batman thinks he’s doing it for the right reasons, driven by darker. Referencing Ego by Darwyn Cooke.
  • Because the movie is a detective story, thriller, we’re treating this Batman story as if it could have happened.
  • Talking about the drive behind the super hero film. Other films that informed the style include: Chinatown was a key one, he discovers the depth of corruption and there’s the classic noir element. Gritty, flawed, humanity of it. French Connection too and a movie like Taxi Driver.
  • He also mentions the description of the place and getting into the mind. Reeves says, “for me that’s exciting, the history of Batman, just the idea of the actors that have played him.” Reeves talks about Adam West as the genesis for his love of Batman and when Keaton came on he was so excited. Bale was amazing. Reeves says, “personally I loved Ben Affleck.” Discussing that he can’t wait to see Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League.
  • The idea that struck me the most, which I love, was Reeves talking about being part of the history. Much like the comics. That there are so many iterations of Batman, one of the joys of being in the comic book world, to put our spin on it and make our mark. To come at it a new way, but still be connected to what you love.
  • Fans were then treated to a tiny glimpse of what the film will look like. Reeves continued that they’ve, “only shot 25%-30% of the movie.”
  • Here’s the first tease of the movie.
  • Upon viewing it my first thought was that there was a very dark, cinematic, Christopher Nolan like quality about it. Considering it was set at a different time it’ll be interesting to see how it takes shape as a whole. Also I’m thinking perhaps it’s taken some notes from The Joker, in that there’s much more of a darker quality about it. Somewhat grittier and harsh. Will it be following a The Joker track? Pattinson embodies Batman well. Physically in the way Pattinson moves you can see he captures the essence of Batman. I’m not quite sure about the voice. But then again I guess he is the youngest Batman we’ve seen on our screens, so perhaps he hasn’t found his voice? I really like the set and costume design. As well as the hair and make-up. It really sets the tone. I’m so looking forward to this film and this was such a treat to see, so early on in the production. It’s very confident. Which is positive.

Trailer courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Trailer courtesy of Roadshow Films

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