As we gear up for the return of Game of Thrones we’ve been living in a Game of Thrones bubble. Particularly the past month where we’ve been treated to an influx of cast interviews, GoT pop ups and marathons on TV.

We had our TV’s locked into Foxtel’s Game of Thrones pop up channel for the month of March, where over that period of time we came to watch all 7 seasons again. I remember back on the past 8 years where we watched week to week the 67 episodes that have aired so far. There were seasons I loved, some that seemed to drag and some that were unforgettable.

This past month has changed my opinion on some of the episodes, or rather seasons, I found not as great as others. However I have changed my opinion. I highly recommend a Game of Thrones marathon as it’s quite different to a week by week airing. Or rather you get a refresher on all seasons, as well as picking up on certain points that could very well create or support new theories you come up with. I’ve definitely noticed some new Easter eggs over the 7 seasons. You also pick up on a lot of foreshadowing. Things you may not have noticed before. Or have. Regardless, it fine tunes your eye in preparation for season 8.

It’s hard to believe that in 6 weeks Game of Thrones will have finished. Much like Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones was a phenomenon. The intrigue and commitment to the series over the years from around the world is unparalleled to any TV series we’ve seen before.

Take a look back on all our Game of Thrones content, and stay tuned as we have more on the way.

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