To say I was channelling Sirius Black from Harry Potter when he says, “I did my waiting, 12 years of it…” would be an understatement. I’ve been fan of the Justice League for over 15 years and I distinctly remember around 10 years ago hearing talk of a possible Justice League film. Finally, we have it!

Tonight our favourite DC Superheroes joined forces! Having grown up watching all the animated series and playing with our very own Justice League Watchtower and figurines, to see the inception of what we know and love come to life on screen was quite something. I will try to go as in depth as I can without giving anything away, so make sure you watch it.

We find ourselves where Batman v Superman left us, dealing with the loss of Superman (Henry Cavill). Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) with the help of Alfred (Jeremy Irons) are on a quest to find fellow special beings to join their team and unite against a looming danger. A new villain in the form of another god like alien being, has decided to make his presence known. We learn that this villain has a history with humans, Amazonians and Atlanteans (with a special appearance from the Green Lantern Corps). It is from this point that the two leaders recruit superfolk who are on their radar, Cyborg (Ray Fisher), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa).

Much like Suicide Squad I enjoyed the little back stories into each of the characters lives. Wonder Woman and Batman were the exception, where we were given a dose of what they do best, fight crime and save the day. What I also liked was the way in which we as an audience were put into the positions of some characters. Such as Batman and Wonder Woman, learning about the abilities of each character. Whilst we as fans know historically what the powers of each superhero entails, who knows how it will be written in the film. I was pleased to see how the film makers approached this, particularly when we already have some of these characters in the DCTV universe. We were also able to relate to The Flash, who like us would be super excited to join and check out all the gadgets but then, in certain moments think, “all I’ve done is push people and run away.” At one moment I thought, I have to be honest as much as I’d like to be Wonder Woman, we all know I’d be Flash. Which is equally just as cool.

That’s just it. Each character owned it. In my mind they even set up the ground work for their own solo stories. I’m talking Flashpoint, Aquaman and even a Cyborg film. After the success of Wonder Woman, we know DC can do a great origins story. Flash will be incredibly interesting as we already have the tv series, however if filmmakers follow what we already know about Flashpoint I will be mighty happy. Aquaman has just wrapped filming in Australia, and we can’t wait to see it (especially after tonight’s scenes) and come on, we’re talking Aquaman, or at least the way we see Momoa portray him is unlike any superhero we’ve seen before. Which brings us to Cyborg, who we know from Teen Titans, wasn’t part of the Justice League origins team, but I really loved the addition into the film. I love the intellectual side of it all, having been given glimpses into it during Justice League.

I have to talk about the different worlds, Themyscira featured in Justice League with all the Amazonians doing what they do best, amazing fight sequences that made me want to watch Wonder Woman 2 all the much sooner. Honestly, the fight sequence where we last leave the Amazonians was my favourite. The way in which they worked as a team, as one unit looked spectacular. Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) returns and puts on quite a remarkable performance. I remember the scenes so vividly as they were shot so well. They were truly breathtaking scenes. Then we visit Atlantis, where we come across the Atlanteans and in particular Mera (Amber Heard), who we know to be Aquaman’s wife. Mera was beyond what I expected her to be in this film. I was so happy to see the way she came to life on screen, I remember thinking, ‘yes! Another powerful, strong woman.’ I can’t wait to see what she brings in Aquaman. I also found her interaction with Aquaman to be quite interesting. The dynamic between the two was so real and unique in terms of superhero love interests.

I absolutely loved the fight sequences towards the end, where the team unite. I was smiling like the Joker at that point, so enamoured by what I was watching. What I had been waiting years to see. The colour grading as always lends to add that extra element that makes a DC film just that, a DC film. It has that dark, grungy quality to it, which really adds to the overall feel of each film. It really worked in this film and at times I was thinking back to previous Batman films, both the 80-90’s and 00’s trilogies. The music was the perfect addition to each scene. My particular favourite was Aquaman aka Arthur Curry walking back to the ocean, drinking whiskey as a rocking track accompanies his strut. Reminded me of the scene in Suicide Squad where Deadshot is showing the prison staff just what he can do. Gary Clark Jr.’s cover of Come Together was one I thought, need to download and work out to this track, Wonder Woman style.

There were some parts I’d edit down, like some of the more strategy talk, yes, it served a purpose, but I think it could have been done more succinctly. Also there was a fair amount of power posing done by the League. It wouldn’t be the Justice League without it though. In amongst all the action and drama there were some really great comedic moments. Each character had their own sense of humour. It wasn’t verbal, it was physical too. Flash was the king of comedy, the little idiosyncrasies he added working off others was so well done. The fist bump scene, for instance, which was further seen at the end of the film, and the scene where they’re all flying and Aquaman walks off having just intimidated Flash, Flash’s reaction in each situation is perfect. I enjoyed seeing the different sides to each character, like Batman, actually overjoyed when he reunites with a certain character. It was also great to see Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane) return to add another element to the aftermath of Superman’s passing. I really liked Lois’ role in the film, much like Martha, it shows the reality of certain situations. Two other characters return, but I can’t delve into these characters without giving things away. We’re also introduced to a certain character who will join the DC universe. Saving all that for a possible spoiler talk review.

Justice League met my expectations and I can’t wait to see it again. I definitely recommend it and I actually can’t wait to marathon all the DC films and then go watch this again. It’s the perfect addition to the DC universe.

Rating: 4/5


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