Join us as we partake in the IT experience where guests were took to their own IT virtual reality experience.

Thanks to Roadshow films we were invited to the Sydney premiere of new horror film IT. Prior to the screening, we were invited to partake in a special IT experience.

Visit our website (…) to find out more about the experience itself, as well as our exclusive review. For now, please enjoy a little excerpt:

“… an IT experience, (welcomed by people dressed in yellow raincoats) you had to walk through what appeared to be a sewer entrance, where you were then greeted by red light and an IT board with a bevy of red balloons. Further in, there was a virtual experience, which I didn’t even dare to try. We contemplated it for a moment and my guest was considering it. Then we saw the woman in front of us, who had just put the glasses on, jump and quickly remove the glasses saying, “no, no, nope.” She was so scared. Which made me scared thinking, this is just the virtual experience, what will the movie be like?”

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