We were live at the Australian premiere of Beauty and the Beast in Sydney with Josh Gad. The stars hit the red carpet to celebrate the reimagining of the beloved classic. We were also treated to an exclusive look at the atelier Swarovski crystal jewellery and trinkets specially designed for Beauty and the Beast. Positioned (as predicted) in the opulent State Theatre, patrons were greeted by models dressed as candelabra’s (Lumiere style) and models dressed in Mink Pink Beauty and the Beast designs. With Megan Hess’ Beauty and the Beast design also on display.

From this point on we couldn’t record.

Disney star Josh Gad returned to Sydney to promote the film and introduce it to a crowd of Beauty and the Beast fans. Gad known in the Disney sphere thanks to his role as Olaf in Frozen, returns to the Disney family to portray Gaston’s (Luke Evans) sidekick, Le Fou.

Gad spoke about the role of Belle and the importance of a character like that to society today. How the other stars wished they could attend too. Talking about what we could expect from the production, like the amazing set design and costumes, and then starting a sing along with the audience in the State Theatre. We sang Gaston with Josh Gad! After that Gad filmed a video message for co star Evans. He also spoke about fellow stage performer Michael James Scott (they once performed together on The Book of Mormon) who stars as The Genie in the stage production of Aladdin.

Emma Watson introduced the film with a short message for the audience in the theatre. The movie was a masterpiece, and as Gad had stated earlier, there were elements that truly respected the original, but provided a new breath of life with a twist on the comical side.

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