Now, I sat down to compile this list and at first thought it would be hard to a) remember all the amazing shows I watched over the year, and therefore b) create a complete and thorough list.

Upon completion I have no worries regarding both these points, if anything it’s dawned on me that maybe I watch a tad too many series. Don’t worry, I quashed those thoughts because come on, you can never have too much great entertainment (and plus, when you work in the industry you need to keep up to date). I’ve briefly spoken about the top 10 selections. It was also really hard to put things into order as a lot of these shows are great, and I would recommend them to everyone, so think of 10-42 as tie. Some of the shows featured later on in the list are older shows and at times maybe lacked a spark. Still worth the watch. I hope you a) like the list and b) find a show you haven’t seen and fall in love with it, just as I have. So here it is:

My top show, what you cannot miss, so make sure you buy it online or on DVD-

  1. Victoria

Followed by (and it was originally my number one spot until I watched Victoria)-

  1. Versailles

Then we have an unexpected, a show that like number 1 & 2 I wanted more of-

  1. Love, Nina

A series that inspired me so, and is constantly on mind wondering when S2 will air-

  1. The Shannara Chronicles

My favourite Australian series, the best I’ve seen in a while, I can’t wait for S2-

  1. Secret City

I was not expecting this to be as great as it was, part of the DC Universe-

  1. Legends of Tomorrow


One of my absolute all time favourite, consistently great series-

  1. The Librarians

Another series that had me wishing the weeks would fly by for each ep to air-

  1. The Magicians

A series that again, surprised me, makes you look at certain things differently-

  1. Divorce

Series that again, delivered-

  1. Scream Queens
  2. Vikings
  3. The Night Manager
  4. Downton Abbey
  5. The Durrells
  6. Indian Summers
  7. Lucifer
  8. Once Upon A Time- watch Once Upon A Time In Wonderland too
  9. Chicago PD
  10. Chicago Fire
  11. Sleepy Hollow
  12. Zoo
  13. Years of Living Dangerously
  14. The Vampire Diaries
  15. Grey’s Anatomy
  16. Fear the Walking Dead
  17. The Blacklist
  18. Girls
  19. Coast New Zealand
  20. Flash
  21. Supergirl
  22. Reign
  23. Grimm
  24. Outlander
  25. Castle
  26. Alone
  27. The Kettering Incident
  28. Wentworth
  29. Modern Family
  30. Game of Thrones
  31. American Horror Story

I’ve also realised that I need to watch a lot more and I have more on my list of what I plan to watch such as Gotham, Daredevil and Teen Wolf.

Catch up with The Walking Dead, Shield, Arrow, Pretty Little Liars, How To Get Away With Murder, Mr Selfridges and Sherlock. I also really want to watch some of the Netflix shows such as The Crown and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Any suggestions (then again, you might be thinking, what’s left?)

Videos courtesy of BBC First Australia, BBC, SyfyAU, Showcase Australia, The CW Television Network, TNT and HBO.



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