Fair warning, this is a spoiler review for the film Suicide Squad. So if you’re reading this you’ve either seen the film, or you are a rebel that wants to know what’s up when it comes to the latest gift DC have bestowed upon us. Again, look away if you don’t want to read any spoilers. Feel free to visit this post after you’ve seen the film or read our spoiler free review.




I’m one of the people who liked the film for what it was. An introduction to the Suicide Squad. An establishing film that yes, was slow at times, but that comes down to editing. First off, I wasn’t expecting Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) to be the villain. That took me completely by surprise and the introduction to her character, as well as the opening scenes with Dr June Moone (the body Enchantress has possessed) were really cool. The hand holding transformation was wicked, a tar coated like hand slinking into June’s hand, and then the two morphing together were so cool. The way Cara Delevingne changed between the two characters was really well done. The one thing I was unsure about was the voice they used for Enchantress, I have a feeling it was Cara’s voice (accent included) but oddly distorted.

Viola Davis did such a great job portraying Amanda Waller, the way she embodied the character, walking around. Her pacing, both in movement and speech, was completely and utterly Amanda Waller in human form. As we know, the character is somewhat harsh and it is noted in the film by characters calling her the devil, but it takes a great actress to make you appreciate just how brilliantly controlling a character she is. Putting the Suicide Squad together, technically being the puppet master both in creating a solution for the issue: what if the next meta-human isn’t like Superman and they have bad intentions? They need to be prepared, and then comes the problem. She also, technically provoked Enchantress (by using her heart as a tool to manipulate her) into becoming an evil spirit who wants to take over the world, because once upon a time Enchantress and her brother ruled an ancient civilisation.

Also the fact that June and Rick Flag are in a relationship, (Enchantress is the third wheel that gets in the way) was an interesting way to connect these characters to the Suicide Squad. Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Katana (Karen Fukuhara) are the two somewhat straight characters who are there to protect. Rick to protect June and Katana to protect Rick. Katana’s character was a great fit into the squad. Her sword holds the souls of those whose life it’s taken. The sword was used to kill her husband and she is spurred on by the memory of her husband, motivated to defend others. I liked how initially she started off by not feeling part of the Suicide Squad and then accepting the team members, when they eventually come to prove themselves.

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) grew throughout the film. We start off seeing what she went through when she was arrested, why she was arrested and how she became Harley Quinn. She started off as a psych doctor at Arkham Asylum, fell in love with the Joker, manipulated by him, tortured by him and then reborn. It was disturbing to see her relationship with the Joker. Her complete and utter love for him, completely unbalanced, blinding love. The Joker seemed, at first to just use her affection towards him to benefit his own agenda, but eventually comes to somewhat care for her. Although, not enough to save her when they crash into a lake and she is left for dead and then captured by Batman. Yes Batman features in the film, both at the beginning and end. Batman is seen arresting different characters, such as Harley and Deadshot. So one could say Harley and Deadshot were pre-destined to bond. Another awesome cameo was that of The Flash. Loved seeing his appearance in the film, capturing Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) after he robbed every bank in Australia and then decided to start in the U.S. Captain Boomerang’s character introduction was shorter than the others. His scenes throughout the film were probably on par with the humour Harley produces throughout the film. His love of the pink unicorn he holds on to, as well as the amount of drink he consumes over time had audience members laughing throughout. Also all his Australian-isms, like the different terms and sayings he utters, received laughs. Ultimately his character, on the surface, appeared to be looking out for number one, himself. But like the others, they bonded, and he comes back to help save the day.

Very similar to Harley, who at one point is “rescued” by the Joker. Whilst she’s out in the field with the Suicide Squad, the Joker communicates that he will come to rescue her and in doing so, one of the coolest character scenes takes place. Joker disarms the monitoring chip in Harley (a chip all the villains forcibly received) and she jumps onto a cable suspended from a Halo. At that point Deadshot (who at this point, has bonded with Harley) is instructed to kill her for his freedom. Deadshot (Will Smith) who initially “auditioned” for the Suicide Squad aka showed his skills, put on an incredible display, repeatedly hitting targets in the exact same spot over and over again (a scene that went so well with the music). So, naturally from that scene we learnt there was no way Deadshot would miss hitting Harley. Upon receiving the order from Amanda, he says “Done.” We see Harley swinging from the cable about to be free, the camera cuts to Deadshot, who’s positioning himself to take the shot, we hear a gunshot go off. We see Harley go limp. My stomach sank, thinking, ‘Woah. He killed her. But how is she still holding on?’ Then from her lifeless form we see her smile, wave, bend her knees laughing, as she swings on the cable. Being her true Harley Quinn self. Deadshot, as he turns around walking away utters, “I missed.” So good! Loved that little moment of uncertainty. And just where he stands on the matter of who ultimately has power when it comes to his position in the squad. Earning the respect of fellow team members.

One point that completely shocked me, was the lack of character exploration when it came to Slingshot (Adam Beach). His role wasn’t introduced as thoroughly as the others, and then in a split second, he’s killed off by Rick Flag! I was in complete and utter disbelief. I didn’t have access to a watch, but it felt like he was killed off early on in the film. I kept expecting to hear them say he was just stunned or shocked and will be back up and at ‘em in a few minutes. Nope. Not the case. I suppose that showed Rick and Amanda weren’t messing around, and that the villains really were expendable. And it had to happen early on, before the characters bond. Oddly it was in an attempt to try and escape. A plan orchestrated by Boomerang who eventually realised that was a mistake. Throughout the film the music was perfection. A great bonus, as it really added to the feel of each scene. Like for example when the team were preparing to exit the prison, the track ‘Without Me’ by Eminem worked so well with each stage, and then stopped abruptly to let Harley say, “what?” as members of the yard had come to a complete halt due to her actions. The original music such as Heathens and Sucker for Pain, released prior to the premiere of the film, helped in the motivation and marketing of the film. People were excited by what they heard, therefore excited to see the film. Or more so, the potential this film had in boosting the DC Cinematic Universe.

Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) was an interesting addition to the team, I feel like his background could have been explored a bit more, but I really liked what he brought to the team. At first somewhat quiet, but then he really contributed both when it came to saving the day and overall character development. The bar scene where he’s talking about looking beautiful was a favourite. And then he uses his skills to work with Lieutenant GQ Edwards (Scott Eastwood) to use a device to disarm Enchantress. I wasn’t sure, but in doing so, did GQ die? El Diablo I didn’t really connect with. I went into the cinema really looking forward to learning more about his character and we did. Provided with a somewhat thorough background into his life; he killed his family, felt great remorse, handed himself in to the authorities and then proceeded to kill or rather ‘incinerate’ a yard full of convicts who were all fighting. He then chooses a tame path, where he refuses to use his powers throughout half the film. It was somewhat boring, and I suppose it needed to be like that to show us the difference between the characters, but I feel it could have been achieved in a shorter amount of time. However, in the end El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) broke the other characters out of an Enchantress trance (where she showed some members of the Suicide Squad what they truly desire, Deadshot to raise his daughter, Harley to start a family and live a normal life with the Joker and Rick, for he and June to be free of Enchantress.) El Diablo realises his happily ever after could never happen, so he breaks out of the fantasy and helps the others recognise the true reality. He also powers up! Turns into a flaming giant to combat Enchantress’ brother, one on one. Enchantress powered up earlier on too. Loved the special effects in both scenes. Certain parts of the film did lack something for me. The middle of the film was where I noticed problems. It was going slower, both in action and dialogue, like the bar scene. At times, very wordy. And the fight sequences seemed incredibly busy. I didn’t know where to look first. These parts could have been edited differently. Other than those issues, the film wasn’t that bad.

I feel like the Joker was in the film for the exact right amount of time. There’s some discussion as to whether the Joker was in the film enough. I feel like he was, maybe a bit too much. I believe they were setting up for the next film and possibly the Justice League. To take on the Joker. Or maybe he’ll just feature in the Justice League film, in preparation for the next film. The Joker contributed in adding another element to the story, his constant push to save Harley was a great sub plot. At one point the rescue helicopter goes down, and some would think he’s gone down too. But we know he’ll be back with that ever so Joker like laugh. Jared Leto did a great job in portraying the Joker. His scenes with Common as Monster T and Ike Barinholtz who portrayed the prison guard Griggs, were equally as disturbing. He plays the character well; the voice was great, so much so that even his breathing sounded as though the spirit of the Joker possessed him. Even clearing his throat he sounded like the Joker. Like I said before, his interpretation of the Joker was twisted, especially the early stages of the film with Harley. I was grinning when he and Harley reunited. It was kind of sweet. In that maniacal type of way. It ends with the Joker breaking into the prison (where members of the Suicide Squad have been returned once again to serve out their sentence, until they’re needed) to rescue Harley, leaving the audience thinking, possible sequel, continuation or spin off? Great news, because I think the next film will definitely hone in on the growth of the team and the very essence of the teams core, now that they truly are a team.

Credits started to roll and we were treated to an extra scene where Amanda Waller is seen talking to Bruce Wayne (yes, Ben Affleck) she gives him a file labeled, ‘Top Secret’ containing the files on members of The Justice League. EPIC! Also I’m really looking forward to Wonder Woman on the big screen. Before we watched the film we were treated to three trailers, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Kong: Skull Island and Wonder Woman. The Wonder Woman trailer on the VMAX screen was AMAZING! Her fight sequences with the music were amazing!

Overall, I enjoyed the film. I’ll be watching it again, maybe more than twice. I definitely think it’s my favourite from the latest group of the DC Cinematic Universe films and it’s made me incredibly excited to see what comes next, I’m talking about Wonder Woman, Justice League and potential sequels.

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