The line I stood in to walk into the cinema for the Suicide Squad premiere reminded me of the Harry Potter lines. Those glorious long lines almost resembling the yellow brick road, taking us to the land of Oz and can I just say, it really was a yellow brick road to the land of Oz. Suicide Squad premiered on Monday to a crowd of excited fans. You walk in with expectations, naturally. Especially when it comes to a film that has been promoted for just over a year. A film that, in my opinion, lived up to the expectations.

I have to start by saying the camera angles and different shots in the introductory scenes looked phenomenal. The lines from the different parts of the prison and use of video, surveillance cameras really created a feast for the eyes. Definitely channeling directors like Tarantino and Guy Ritchie in certain parts. The use of panning and change of focus points in one shot really brought something else to the film.

Director David Ayer uses these techniques to introduce each character, but in a way that fits with the formation of the Suicide Squad. Viola Davis absolutely embodies the character of Amanda Waller. Throughout the film, I couldn’t help but think, every move Davis makes, the way she delivers each line perfectly captures the essence of Amanda Waller. Similarly Cara Delevingne who plays both Dr June Moone and Enchantress, achieves this when it comes to changing between her two characters. Enchantress an old spirit, at times possesses June, courtesy of the haunting phrase she utters, “Enchantress.” I loved the way this was introduced to us. We see Enchantress’ black hand appear under June’s and as the hands take hold she morphs. Her movement, the change between the two characters was superbly done.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn makes me think, I can’t imagine anyone else in the role. Robbie both in mannerisms and delivery exudes Harley Quinn. Particularly in the scene where she’s hanging off a wire, one moment being so serious, the next transforms smiling waving and coyly swinging on the rope. Robbie delivers the lines with ease and interestingly enough the moments between herself and the Joker did encompass what I know of their history. I really liked the relationship between Harley and the Suicide Squad, particularly Deadshot. I’m a Will Smith fan, however, going into this film I didn’t expect to leave thinking Will Smith stole the show. Loved the dynamic, or should I say the character development when it came to Deadshot throughout the film. Setting Deadshot to take on a leadership role was definitely a smart thing to do. The scene where Deadshot is “auditioning” for the Suicide Squad was a pretty cool scene. The music really heightened this scene. Thinking back, the music in certain parts really worked in creating a feel. The use of Eminem’s ‘Without Me’, as the Suicide Squad were dressing for battle really captured the feeling of the circumstances.

I went into the cinema looking forward to the exploration of El Diablo portrayed by Jay Hernandez, but surprisingly, for some reason I feel this didn’t hit the mark. Yes, we learnt more about the history of this character and his level up at the end of the film was definitely cool (I say that remembering my wide eyed gaze when this happened) but I feel like something was missing. Also I think the background/ intro stories for both Boomerang and Slipknot were short, in comparison to the other members. Adam Beach as Slipknot and Jai Courtney as Boomerang were on a similar playing field and their characters could be seen as somewhat similar. Difference is Boomerang provided us with many laughs. Between his pink unicorn and over indulgence in a quick drink at any time, he and Harley brought the humour to the film. Harley with her blue cocktail, including pink and blue umbrellas sneaking into the shot while the others drink hard liquor, was quite funny.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who portrays Killer Croc brought something else to the group. Killer Croc reminded me a little bit of The Thing from Fantastic Four, abrupt at times, but incredibly helpful when it comes to the mission. Again I liked what he added to the team. It’s really highlighted when you look at the relationships between all the characters, from the way it started to how they bonded over time and then the ending. The ending was great. Family was a key theme throughout. Not in a way that becomes overbearing but one that makes you think of these villains in another more positive way. Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag and Karen Fukuhara as Katana were interesting revelations to me. The links between these characters to the Suicide Squad made for an intriguing addition to the team. I went in not really knowing that much about Katana, learning about her background in Suicide Squad and how she differed from the villains really fascinated me and I left the cinema wanting to learn more about her character (spin off movie or tv show perhaps?). Rick Flag working with Katana was a good pairing. At first I wasn’t a fan of Rick Flag. I came to enjoy his relationship with members of the Suicide Squad, particularly Deadshot. This came after the bar scene, where he lay all his cards on the table. However I have to say, there were some parts in the film that I feel could have been edited differently. For instance the fight sequences; some parts could have been less busy. Maybe more use of the opening unique camera angles, could have been utilised to change up the usual style of showcasing fight sequences. Also there were some wordy parts, like the bar scene. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great scene I just think it could have been trimmed down a bit.

The role of the Joker in the film was definitely effective. The Joker’s storyline was woven throughout the main plot line, that plot line being the formation of the Suicide Squad and their mission to defeat the villain (provoked by Waller) and then the eventual conclusion of “what happens next?” The Joker provided us with another track to follow, one that could eventually lead to the next story. Jared Leto portraying the Joker, was a definite highlight. His voice. He captured the voice of the Joker so well. So much so that even the clearing of his throat and raspy breath was in character. His relationship with Harley, disturbing at times, really stayed true to the familiar history surrounding these two characters. I liked his scene with Ike Barinholtz, who plays the guard Griggs. Again, another element that connected the two story lines. Griggs connected to both Harley and then the Joker. Really well done.

There were parts throughout where I was shocked, like the unexpected death of a key character early on and finding out who the villain actually was. Then parts where I laughed, such as Harley in the restraints pretending she’s on some sort of roller coaster ride, enjoying every minute and dancing in the chair. And her scene with Killer Croc in the bar, “beautiful” honey! Surprised in some parts, I’ll just say cameos and a special scene during the credits had me sitting in the audience with raised eyebrows. Overall Suicide Squad was a fun film to watch, definitely stands apart from the usual Superhero film or Comic book adaptation. I’m definitely hoping there’s a sequel, you’ll see there’s a definite connection to another part of the DC world, which is incredibly exciting news. I’ll definitely watch it again.

Rating: 4/5


Stay tuned for our Suicide Squad spoiler review. Meanwhile check out our complete Suicide Squad coverage including our video from the premiere.

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