GoPro x TURFinc – GoPro Music: Turf in the Bay

Go Pro have collaborated with TURFinc, creating a video behind the story of TURFinc’s very own Johnny 5 Lopez and his dance troupe. They put their best foot forward using this creative element to tell their own stories through movement on video.

They do this by using a 100-camera circular GoPro array to take the viewer into the dance battle competition world. If you’re familiar with The Matrix (particularly the scene where Neo dodges bullets) and the technology used on the film, you’ll know all about these cameras and the amazing effects developed for the screen.

TURFinc create some amazing visuals that heighten their already amazing dance skills. We’re always looking for something to push the envelope when it comes to creativity; it is definitely achieved in this short. And the combination of camera work, angles and tricks, to an already amazing visual, is one we enjoy watching. 100 GoPro cameras, side by side, capturing footage simultaneously can do just that.


Check out GoPro on YouTube to watch the full length video.


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