Garry Marshall

Garry Marshall achieved so much in his lifetime, with his work spanning over half a century. Work that has helped shape Hollywood and overall the Entertainment industry.

No doubt you would have watched or at least heard of some of his contributions to the industry. Some of my favourites include: Happy Days (the amount of days we’d turn on the TV and be greeted by the Happy Days theme), The Princess Diaries 1 & 2, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Pretty Woman (who else has been tempted to do the ‘big mistake’ line in a store before?), Runaway Bride, Chasing Helen, A League of Their Own (a favourite from my childhood), Overboard, Frankie and Johnny, Georgia Rule, Never Been Kissed, Chicken Run, Race to Witch Mountain, Beaches (Wind Beneath My Wings), Hocus Pocus (“I want you to meet the little woman.” “He has a little woman.” The amount of times we’ve quoted those lines) and The Dick Van Dyke Show. All contributions in directing, writing, producing and acting.

There are so many stars whom have featured in his films sometimes in several. The first person you think of is Julia Roberts. Some of my favourites include Héctor Elizondo and one of Marshall’s children (whom have all featured in all some of his films) Kathleen Marshall. From what we could see, he was a distinctive character in his own right, and you could see how he brought that energy into everything he did and created. You can’t help but connect with his work, for instance, my own background has a connection to the man himself. I never met Marshall but his work had a profound influence on things I’ve pursued. I won’t go into great detail but more than a handful of times I’ve been involved in great in-depth discussions, you know, those type of discussions you have at midnight, delving into a topic or two? Talking about his films and the way characters represent ideas and bring thoughts or ideas to the table. Or the way certain things and events in each film were achieved and ultimately what to expect next.

I’m never going to forget, standing in a cinema and discussing the potential for his next masterpiece as we stood in front of the Mother’s Day poster (which was showing at the time, prompting us to discuss the endless potential when it came to the ‘Day’ films) always contemplating, “what story would I tell if I were a writer or director?” We will continue to honour this legend by striving to create beauty through words and ideas that capture the curiosity, imagination and minds of audiences alike.

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