The very essence of all these trailers create such an energy that excites, tantalises and invigorates us with joy, happiness and overall a sense of belonging. What was created from the Harry Potter series, the foundation set in creating a world that envelopes us completely when watching or reading anything to do with the Wizarding World, has once again embraced us in what one can only describe as a long overdue warm hug.

We discover more about the key characters, the plot and overall how this story sits in the grand scheme of all things Wizarding and Harry Potter. As a person who LOVES featurettes and behind the scenes tid bits, the videos and resources also available on Pottermore are mini nuggets of gold for me.

And again, I have to say, THAT MUSIC! The Harry Potter theme, I don’t know if it’s sense memory or just something that speaks to me on a more powerful level, but judging from the comments I’m not the only one. The Harry Potter theme is a beautiful key component that ties everything together in another way. Beautiful. Marvellous. Compelling.

Plus then we were treated to completely new material “Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Already a term I use all too frequently and something I look forward to seeing explored further in future.

Trailers courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. UK YouTube Channels

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