Finally! Some new content, courtesy of 20th Century Fox, for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and it’s everything we hoped for. Explanations galore! If you were left asking questions after the release of the first trailer months ago, this is the trailer for you. We find out more about the time loop, more about the challenges these talented children face and more about the villain in this tale.

Tim Burton has done it again. Created a world that is anything but ordinary. As soon as I saw this trailer I knew and instantly made a mental note to prepare for the next Cosplay convention, taking on the role of Miss Peregrine. Who is portrayed by the fabulous Eva Green. I love their use of her voice as the trailer narrator.

We’re absolutely looking forward to the release of this film, it is definitely on our list of the top films to watch in 2016.

Trailers courtesy of 20th Century Fox YouTube Channel

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