We’re definitely heading straight for the castle. The Huntsman: Winter’s War

I first saw this trailer on my mobile device. The second I heard the droning beats of Halsey’s Castle, I knew The Huntsman was a movie to add to my must see list. Then I saw it on the big screen, and it only cemented my wanting to see this film. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved the first. I just wasn’t sure how the second instalment would shape up, and let me just say Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron, together as powerful good and/or evil sisters is actual movie-maker genius.

A stroke of brilliance in casting. I have no idea who I want to be, one second It’s Freya, the next it’s Ravenna. And then you add Jessica Chastain’s character Sara and I’m close to putting on my own one woman show, an interpretation of course. Yes this story is in my own mind, but come on, you know you do it too. Any Lara Croft’s or James Bond’s out there, don’t pretend there’s that inner child there wanting to pretend to be a superhero/supervillain. Oh, that’s right Chris Hemsworth is in the film too! The Huntsman, Eric, no less. Reprising his role Hemsworth returns to join his forbidden lover sara in a quest to stop the sisters. I have to mention the costume’s too. Absolutely stunning. Loving Ravenna and Frey’s gorgeous gowns, crowns and capes. Let’s just say #whatdreamsaremadeof! Honestly, I’m looking forward to this film for a bevy of reasons, the actors, the set, the costuming, the music, all of it.

Make sure you watch the trailer. If you weren’t convinced before, the trailer will definitely persuade you to lock in the date when the film is released this year. The current release date is set for April, we will keep you updated.

Trailers courtesy of Universal Pictures YouTube Channel


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