Grab the Windex! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Never has there been a film more quoted among my family and friends. Yes, we may have a certain connection to the film (with a surname 17 letters long starting in Papa and ending in poulos, of course we can relate) but that’s not the point. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a breath of fresh air back in 2002, breaking against the normal plot structure of boy meets girl to the more interesting, boy meets Greek family. Of course many could relate to the story, but now comes the continuation of that story.

A major twist, in that, shockingly, the Portokalos Patriarch and Matriarch aren’t technically married (to quote my favourite Christmas movie Elf “you sit on a throne of lies”) and so the families who discovered they were all fruit, Portokalos from the Greek word orange and Miller from the Greek word meaning apple continue the Odyssey that is life to amend this problem. A big fat Greek Wedding. Add to that the continuation of family values through Toula and Ian’s relationship with their daughter Paris. We can’t wait to see how not only tradition plays into this new chapter but the ever-changing environment and culture in society today. We’re so excited to actually see the film and memorise new lines to go alongside some of our favourites like, “You look so old, ” “Why you want to leave me?” “He don’t eat no meat? That’s ok. I make Lamb” “Taste’s like liquorice,” good ol’ Harry. Oh, I mean Harriet. And the ever popular, “Put some windex.” Yes! We’re hoping the windex is back! You’ve got to love Gus. Ian: “May I please date your daughter.” Gus: “NO!”

Make sure you take a gander at our video from the Sydney premiere of the film where star and writer of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 & 2 Nia Vardalos attended with producer Gary Goetzman and make sure you look at the hilariously enticing trailers.

Trailers courtesy of Universal Pictures YouTube channel

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