Live from the Foxtel in 2016 announcement in Sydney. With special guests Benedict Samuel, Anna Torv and Marcus Graham from Secret City on Showcase. Shaynna Blaze from Selling Houses Australia on The Lifestyle Channel. Abby Earl and Marta Dusseldorp from A Place to Call Home on SoHo. Danielle Cormack and Sigrid Thornton from Wentworth on SoHo. Dan Ewing, Barry Hall and Braith Anasta from FOX SPORTS. Paul Murray and David Speers from SKY NEWS. Jordan Stenmark, Zac Stenmark and Cheyenne Tozzi from Australia’s Next Top Model on FOX8.Danny Clayton from B430 on Channel [V].Donna Hay from Donna Hay Basics to Brilliance on Lifestyle FOOD. Susie McLean and Jackie Gillies from Real Housewives of Melbourne on Arena.

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