Hilary Duff premieres video clip for ‘Sparks’

Hilary Duff has just released her new film clip for her latest single Sparks.

The track which was used as part of promo for her new series, ‘Younger,’ is definitely unique. The video features Duff going on Tinder dates, mixing the real life events within her clip. We see the process, where she discusses potential dates with friends, uploads her profile picture and then ultimately, the date. She revealed via radio that she used the app to go on blind dates, something she’s never done before.

Over the past few weeks there was speculation within the media that her choice to do so, could have something to do with a potential reality TV series. However now we can see, she has documented her dates to feature in her film clip. Most importantly discussing the notion of ‘sparks’ and how they relate to dating.

Her new album will be available June 16 2015.

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