Dan Stevens and Luke Evans cast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

The casting gods have answered our prayers! The soon to be filmed live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast have achieved the impossible. The three main characters have been selected. January we received news that Emma Watson was to play Belle, today it was revealed Dan Stevens would play the Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston. In our opinion this casting is perfection.

Will they sing? What will the special effects look like? How will the actors take on each character? Costume design? Set design? We are really looking forward to discovering just how true to the animated film they stay and how magical the end result will be. Disney’s recent bout of live action films including Maleficent and Cinderella, have reignited the Disney magic, in new and interesting ways.

If you thought Disney were slowing down with their live action tales, think again. Queued up for production next is Tarzan, The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon and we’ve discovered Cruella de Vil. How Disney will approach each tale is unknown. We’re just loving these visits back into our childhood.

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