Jared Leto changes his appearance for role in “Suicide Squad”

As we celebrate our first Birthday, today will also be known as, “the day Jared Leto cut his luscious locks.”

The 30 Seconds to Mars front man took to Instagram to break the news gently. In his first image we see scissors caressing the top part of his mane, with the caption, “I miss my beard already.”

image02 image03Image source: Jared Leto Instagram

The second image uploaded shows the “after” look. A cleanly shaven Leto, with short hair. It is understood the Academy Award winning actor cut his hair for his role in The Suicide Squad.

image04 image05

Image source: Jared Leto Instagram

I guess the only time we’ll see his long hair in the immediate future is when he posts throwbacks. Can you believe it’s come to that!


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