Wicked clips from “Cinderella”

A new clip from Disney’s Cinderella was released and we’re given a major hint as to the way this new tale will come to life. We see the moment Cinderella meets her stepsisters and stepmother for the first time. The clip also features Lucifer, Lady Tremaine’s devious cat. The major hint comes in the form of a narrator, suggesting the live action film will take a storytelling route. The first thought that came to mind, was how similar a formula this is considering other Cinderella based tales have been structured similarly, such as Ella Enchanted. Whether or not this will work, we will have to wait and see.

We’ve also seen several trailers and spots on both the Disney Trailers YouTube channel as well as the Disney Channel. These include a 30 second spot titled “A New Vision” which pretty much is a 30 second condensed look at what we’ve seen so far. A clip titled “Cinderella” which is a look at the way her new family came up with the name Cinderella. We just can’t get past how deliciously evil Cate Blanchett is playing Lady Tremaine. One main thing we find absolutely captures the essence of the Evil Stepmother is her voice and that laugh. The laugh was guttural with a hint of wickedness ultimately capturing Lady Tremaine’s cruel nature perfectly.

Practice your evil laughs, Cinderella is released in cinemas next month!

Videos courtesy of Disney Movie Trailers YouTube

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