One Direction at Allianz Stadium, supported by McBusted and Samantha Jade, Sydney 2015

One Direction kicked off their latest world tour, in Sydney over the weekend. The ‘On The Road Again Tour’ delivers fireworks, a spectacle light show, superstar support acts and a strong vocal performance by the boys.

First up was pint-sized Aussie vocal powerhouse, Samantha Jade. Taking to the stage with four back up dancers, Jade kicked the night off with her 2013 hit Firestarter. She then moved into a mash-up of Soldier and Sweet Talk and the latest single from her upcoming album, Angel.’This came right after telling Sydney, to show 1D just how great an audience they are, also calling Aussie girls “the sexiest.” She finished off her set with her X-Factor winners song, What You’ve Done To Me, and the official Socceroos anthem for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Up. Jade proved she has the vocals to take on any pop diva, from Gaga, to Ariana Grande, to Beyonce, and with any luck she will be launched onto the global stage much like fellow Aussie superstars, 5 Seconds of Summer.

Busted and McFly have both dominated the charts throughout their careers, in 2013 they decided to join, becoming what fans call, “the ultimate super boy group.” They kicked off their set with Busted’s hit Air Hostess followed by Hate Your Guts from their debut album, aptly titled McBusted. The album also features bassist and co-lead vocalist of Blink-182, Mark Hoppus. They then played the first of three songs originally by McFly, starting with, Star Girl, Shine A Light, and 5 Colours In Her Hair.

The band finished with one of Busted’s biggest hits, Year 3000. Before playing they told fans they would “try to do the original justice.” Referring to fans who first came to know of the song through the Jonas Brothers, who covered the track three years after Busted’s original release. The McBusted boys put on an entertaining show, with some cheeky side commentary mainly from bassist Dougie Poynter, telling fans he visited a Sydney beach earlier that day, where he encountered some topless bathers. And all this happened before the sun went down. Note: McBusted will be playing a solo show at The Metro Theatre on February 22nd.

The lights went down and the squeals started. You could barely hear the music as Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne burst onto the stage like the fireworks above them for opener, Clouds. Niall also played the guitar, as he sang with his fellow band mates, sending fans into a frenzy while playing the lead single Steal My Girl, off their latest album, Four.  The band greeted Sydney, saying how much they love the city, and expressing their excitement at being back in the country.

They moved from the main stage down the runway, ironically constructed to represent a road, to a B-Stage, where they played crowd favourites, Midnight Memories and Kiss You. By this point I had realised Harry and I were wearing the same outfit from head to toe (hair and all, someone inform the Fashion Police.) Fans danced and screamed along to, Ready To Run, Happily and Strong, before Liam and Niall took a moment to read signs fans had made, one was the envy of hundreds of fans, the boys plucked her school hat up and signed it, live, on stage!

Niall then took a moment to talk to fans about the next song, Don’t Forget Where You Belong, saying he co-wrote it with the McFly boys. Also stating, how they kept fans in mind throughout the writing process. Little Things came next, followed by the bands latest single Night Changes which had the whole stadium singing along. The up tempo beat of Alive sent the crowd back into their dancing frenzy, following up with another fan favourite, Diana. By this point they were back at the B-Stage for their early hit, One Thing. Next up was their debut single, the one that sent the world crazy, What Makes You Beautiful. Fans were singing, crying, screaming, dancing, and they’d never been happier in their lives. By the time Through The Dark and Girl Almighty were done, fans had slightly calmed back down.

We didn’t have to wait that long until that level of excitement reached maximum thanks to their track Story Of My Life. The boys left the stage thanking Sydney for a great night, which Liam said was one of the hottest and Niall adding tonights crowd were far louder. After a short break the boys returned to stage, some freshly dressed, Niall in a signed Socceroos jersey, to perform You & I, which showcased Zayn’s vocal ability exceptionally toward the end of the track.

Niall told the crowd Tim Cahill had just visited them backstage and gifted him the jersey, signed by the whole team, who recently won the Asian Cup. Before Little Black Dress Liam informed the crowd they have started working on a new album, and that he and Louis were just in LA starting to put it together. You can imagine, the atmosphere from that point on was electric! Fan favourite Best Song Ever served as the final song of the night. The whole stadium was dancing, singing along and having the time of their lives as fireworks lit Sydney’s night sky, and the boys took their final bow, bidding Sydney farewell until next time.

The boys didn’t have any crazy typical boy band choreography, but rather walked around the stage stopping to sing to fans, sitting on pieces of the set and sometimes Harry twirling around the catwalk and some wicked moves from Niall, which was a nice change from the usual pop tour. They delivered exceptional vocals and from an entertainment aspect, from start to finish their down to earth vibe worked a charm. I’m calling it, a stadium show that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

– Any Other Day Photography

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