In cinemas now: The Quarantine Hauntings

If you love horror, mixed with history make sure you check out The Quarantine Hauntings. In cinemas today, the film based on the haunting stories from Sydney’s Quarantine station in North Head, Manly, is the first feature by Bianca Biasi and Arnold Perez, filmed on site.

With a cast including Lauren Clark, Elizabeth Wiltshire, Dalisha Cristina, Darren Moss, Jack Marshall, Jenna Edwards and Bailey Skelton, the film focuses on 17-year-old Jasmine, who is struggling to cope with the death of her father.

Jasmine and best friend Skye, looking after their younger siblings Zac, Blake and Eva take the children to the Haunted Quarantine station to research a school assignment. In the process discovering more about a resident, Jolene Denman, also known as, the girl in the pink dress. The girls attempt to scare the boys and that’s when things start to go wrong, realising their actions have serious consequences.

The film has an interesting background and the unique aspect of being filmed on the actual site. The cast and crew have kept audiences up to date with behind the scenes information and footage on the films Facebook page.

In selected Hoyts cinemas, Warringah Mall, Chatswood Mandarin, Entertainment Quarter, Eastgardens and Erina, screening daily from the 26th January to the 1st of February.

Audiences can demand for additional screenings at

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