British indie-pop rock with an 80’s influence, The 1975, took to the stage at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion last night for the first of two shows. Their 2015 national tour comes only months after they wowed crowds at Aussie festival, Splendour In The Grass – alongside their current support act, Circa Waves.

Shortly after the venue opened the gates, Liverpool indie-rock band, Circa Waves, warmed up the crowd. The band played tunes from their upcoming debut album to be released on March 30th during their 45 minute set.

The lights were burning down on the excited crowd during the 30 minute intermission with hit’s from Fleetwood Mac and Kanye West playing over the speakers. A drone started as the lights slowly dimmed. As crowd favourite The City started, the four guys Sydneysiders were waiting for hit the stage! Lead singer Matt Healy burst on to the stage last with a bottle of wine in hand. The singer’s stage presence could be likened to that of Mick Jagger, and is reminiscent of the late INXS rock-god, Michael Hutchence.

They played through fan favourites like M.O.N.E.Y, So Far (It’s Alright), and She Way Out before Healy reminded fans to, “look out for each other, pick each other up and make out with each other if you want.” Also mentioning, compared to other gigs, “This is a good show”. The boys were joined by saxophonist John, who Healy said was the, “newest member” of the band and told fans it’s alright to feel sexual while listening to John play, as that was his intention.

They continued to play songs from their debut #1 self-titled album, as well as their four E.P’s. Healy told fans those who were still in the mosh pitt were, “fitter” fans, saying there’s a sense of “Darwinness,” of the situation – those who are weak left the moshpit.

Healy asked fans to live in the moment and asked them to put their phones away for, “the next five minutes,” while they played You. He said, “we’re all on the same level here, spiritually and literally. Some people can’t see over the phones.” He also went on to say, he doesn’t know what the meaning of the bands songs are anymore. They closed their set with 2013 hit Girls.

“We want Sex,” were the cries of fans throughout the venue. To anyone unfamiliar with the bands songs, this may have come across as odd. Fans were waiting to see the popular track performed live.

Healy returned to the stage, solo, to perform a chilling acoustic version of, Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You, a song said to be about his younger brother. Halfway through, he was joined by John, who further added to the atmosphere with his smooth saxophone playing. The band then rejoined their frontman to perform their latest single, Medicine, which featured on the 2014 Drive re-release.

After playing another fan favourite, Robbers, Healy asked fans to put their phones away, put their hands up and grab the hand beside them, and don’t let go, before bursting into, Chocolate. It was then time for the final song of the night. The chant, “we want Sex,” had started again. But before this, Healy told fans they are currently recording their new album saying, “It’s our first time recording a second record,” and that they hoped to be touring and back on Aussie shores by the end of 2015. They then gave fans what they had been waiting for, Sex. The boys rocked out onstage before taking their final bow of the night.

Overall, the boys of The 1975 mesmerised and entertained the crowd from start to finish. Their unique blend of genre’s creates a fun atmosphere and attracts all types of listeners. The black and white lighting complimented the minimal set up on stage, while also creating some dramatic moments throughout the show.

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