The Longest Ride Official Trailer debut

The official trailer for The Longest Ride has been released. The movie based on the bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks, features Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood, Alan Alda, Oona Chaplin and Jack Huston.

Trailer courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Fans have been kept up to date via social media pages thanks to Nicholas Sparks and Scott Eastwood. We were treated to on-set, and behind the scenes glimpses of The Longest Ride. There was even a call for fans to star as extras in the film.







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img10 img11

img12 img13

Images sourced from Twitter and Instagram, Nicholas Sparks

img15 img16

img17 img18

img19 img20

img21 img22

img23 img24

img25 img26

img27 img28

img29 img30

Images sourced from Instagram, Scott Eastwood

The trailer showcases two love stories, that of Ira (Huston) and Ruth (Chaplin), Sophie (Robertson) and Luke (Eastwood). Two couples who are fated to cross paths, and make an impact on each others lives. There are familiar Nicholas Sparks themes in the trailer, featuring the song Waiting Game by Banks, coupled with the distinctive track, Work Song by Hozier.

If there’s one movie you should be looking forward to seeing in 2015, it’s this film. The Longest Ride is clearly a Nicholas Sparks film, but unique in the sense that we have been waiting for a story like this to hit the big screen.

If you loved The Notebook, mark your calendar The Longest Ride will be in cinemas April 2015.

Video courtesy of 20th Century Fox  #LongestRide

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