‘Pan’ Teaser Trailer premiere

The teaser trailer for Pan looks mesmerisingly brilliant! The fusion of the music, the words and the storyline, draws you in, and takes ahold of the child within. A new fantastic, seemingly more mature, look at the Peter Pan classic.

Is it just me, or are Australian Actors fitting in quite well with the villain persona recently? Hugh Jackman stars as Blackbeard, even shaving his head to fit the role perfectly. Add to that, a completely new, unrecognisable side to Hook played by Garrett Hedlund, and we are in for a new spectacular ride.

The music already works well, and the imagery is beautiful, manifesting a sort of dream-like quality in the content. Something we are all too familiar with, when it comes to the idea of what Peter Pan historically represents. This, primarily concerning adults, and the logical explanation behind a boy who never grows up.

The untold story bears resemblance to other classics, lending an air of familiarity (in a broad sense) to a variety of audiences. For instance I see similarities to Oliver! This is for sure the origins story of Peter Pan, but how it differs from what we know, and what was originally written, we will have to wait to see for ourselves.

Sure to be a family favourite, the film is in Cinemas 2015.

Trailer courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube

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