Pitch Perfect 2 official trailer released!

Warm up your vocal cords people, because the official trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 is here! Much like the tagline, we have to say, ‘The Pitch is back!’

The Barden Bellas are gearing up to take their talents global. Opening with a lovely rendition of, Cups (When I’m Gone) we can’t help but think back to the first film, (which also featured the track, performed by Anna Kendrick) noticing the Bellas have somewhat grown up.

We are then introduced to a new level of acapella challenges, leading up to the ultimate show, ‘The World Championships of Acapella’. Add to that the return of The Treblemakers, and we’re sure to see some wicked acapella duels go down.

From the music featured in this trailer, the soundtrack is going to be aca-awesome! There are some great comedic moments, many of which feature Aussie comedy Queen Rebel Wilson. The combination of both comedy and music is a perfect recipe for another hit. Honestly, who doesn’t sing along with the mash-ups and quote classic one liners from the first film?

We’re also introduced to a new character Emily, played by Hailee Steinfeld. What makes this journey so exciting, is the fact that the original cast have returned including Elizabeth Banks who directed the sequel.

We’re marking the date on our calendars. Release date 15 May 2015.

Trailer courtesy of TheEllenShow YouTube

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