Into The Woods Featurette

Meryl Streep has channelled a great number of her previous roles to create ‘The Witch’ in Disney’s, Into The Woods. The preview for the Rob Marshall film, shows Streep take on a completely new persona. All the while, keeping in tune with the ensemble cast to present the audience with a new fairytale reincarnation.

When I view this trailer, I can’t help but feel I’ve fallen into the world of Once Upon a Time (mind you there’s no singing in Storybrooke, yet) and the combination of multiple fairytales highlights this. It will be intriguing to see how the story is structured overall, with suggestions the ‘I wish’ component and ‘the woods,’ will draw the characters together.

The addition of actors such as Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, James Corden and Chris Pine is a lovely surprise, and they seem to bring a new dimension to each character, especially Kendrick who plays Cinderella in this tale. Acting legend Johnny Depp takes on another character role, The Wolf. Depp has previously portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow and The Mad Hatter, both eclectic roles for Disney.

From what I can see, families will definitely enjoy this twist on what we have come to expect from fairytales. Will it be the perfect happily ever after for all characters, we’ll have to wait and see.

Video courtesy of WaltDisneyStudiosAU

Disney have also released new character online animated posters for the film.

itw_Baker itw_BakersWife itw_Cinderella itw_Jack itw_LittleRed itw_OtherPrince itw_Prince itw_Rapunzel itw_Witch itw_Wolf

Images courtesy of Disney Insider/ Disney Blogs

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