TV series Dallas cancelled

In surprising news, TV show Dallas has been cancelled. The show originated in 1978 with a revamp airing in 2012 starring original cast members, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray. The latest series airing on TNT in the US and Ch9 in Australia introduced Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo and Jordana Brewster as the new generation.

Despite the decline in ratings, the series has maintained a loyal fan base, even in Australia where SOHO TV have picked up the series and hosted Duffy and Gray as special guests for the launch. Fans have been left upset as the season finale saw one popular Ewing killed off (which could have reflected back to the Bobby Ewing death/dream in 1978), a new addition to the Ewing family tree (promising further exploration in the coming season) and the usual Ewing feuds adding chaos to the story lines.

Fans have started online petitions in the hopes of seeing their favourite characters return. Who knows, other shows have found their way of continuing story lines be it web series or movies, much like fan funded film Veronica Mars based on the series. Audiences aren’t the only ones shocked by this revelation, the cast have taken to social media to voice their responses. Echoing sentiments of fans, hoping that another network will pick up the show.






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  1. Fran Russ says:

    Love Dallas why do great show get cancelled. I Live in Perth Australia and get sick of TV station putting great shows on so late and then they wonder why most can’t watch them well it’s called work the next day. Fran

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