Home and Away, shock hits the bay

Every generation has a TV death that they remember, one that can sometimes define the show and the time. Watching Home and Away these past two nights, particularly Darryl aka Brax (Steve Peacocke), Kyle (Nic Westaway) and Casey (Lincoln Younes), you couldn’t move past the emotion, the portrayal and the performances that were in my opinion breathtaking.

World class performances by the three on screen brothers, Ricky and Phoebe too. We all sat there thinking, responding to the events that took place. You know it was done well, when you’re thinking about the ramifications these events will have on other characters like the boys’ mother Shazza and their other brother Heath.

I’ve said it before, we welcome these characters into our homes every weekday, and watch the actors grow and mature over time. Therefore the level of empathy we as an audience have with these characters can be seen clearly when story lines evolve like this, and it’s evident through the reaction on social media following these episodes.

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