Lady Gaga at All Phones Arena Sydney 2014

The distinct smell of Versace filled the arena as Lady Gaga walked on stage.

Lady Gaga has returned to Australia for her ArtRave the ArtPop Ball performing her first show at All Phones Arena, Sydney last night. Her loving fans surrounded her intricate stage, some even stood underneath the walkways waiting for the starlet to lean down and hold their hand. 

Gaga, who looked beautiful, wearing a outfit that referenced Koons, opened with Artpop to a jubilant crowd who were all cheering and dancing. She instructed her audience to stand up saying ‘you didn’t come here to waste your money.’ Her second costume change was a replica of what she wore in applause, wig and shells included. During Venus the set transformed with what appeared to be inflatable flowers sprouting and blooming from different parts of the stage.

Fans also threw a lot of material on stage such as trinkets fans created, plush toys and clothing. As Gaga danced she noticed a pink jacket adorned with baubles and put it on. She noted that she and her fans dress the same and like the same things, appreciative that fans take the time to make her things. There was a mix of old and new material such as G.U.Y, Donatella, Venus, Just Dance, Pokerface and Paparazzi, to which she changed into her Fame attire, adding a Octopus draped around her as she performed Paparazzi.

Throughout the night, especially between songs Gaga spoke to her fans. She spoke about acceptance, understanding that no one can put you down and the potential each and every person has. She also took the time to read a letter, she received from a fan in the audience, Beau, who spoke about his memories attending other Gaga shows and the power her words have, especially when it comes to supporting and encouraging fans to be proud of who they are. Gaga thanked him and invited him to meet her backstage after the show.

There was another great moment (after Gaga appeared seated in an oversized silver hand with pink nails singing Do What U Want) where Gaga noticed something in front of her, she picked up an Australian flag and placed it over her shoulders as she continued to sing. She made her way to the walkway where her piano was situated and gave an acoustic performance of her songs Dope and Born This Way.

Special mention to the lighting designer as well as visuals co-ordinator. The lighting was colourful and carefully thought through to match each song. The visuals (what fans saw on screen behind the stage) were incredible. At certain points Gaga’s dance moves and the way it was filmed reminded me of the video for Born This Way. Costume changes were at certain points a little long, but the music kept playing and her dancers kept the audience excited. Great choreography too. Throughout the show, we saw some classic moves such as the dance from Bad Romance and the energy from start to finish was there and truly connected with the audience.

Gaga then changed into a black outfit and a green wig to perform Alejandro, she then had an onstage costume change wearing, a skirt, boots and pigtail wig. She performed Bad Romance and the crowd loved it, everyone was dancing along to her trademark moves. Another great hit followed, Applause, the track had the whole crowd clapping along. Gaga then changed into her final outfit, a Donatella inspired look, long blonde hair and a matching white dress to perform her encore song Gypsy from her piano. At this moment the crowd went wild, dancing in circles, cheering, arms in the air, it was so exciting and you could tell from the smile on Lady Gaga’s face, everyone was having a tremendously great time. What a way to end the show.

Lady Gaga’s vocals were phenomenal. She has a presence that really makes you stop and think of the greats who came before her. You go to her shows and you get a show! Everyone in the arena was having a great time, it was so much fun.

Featured image courtesy of Any Other Day Photography

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