Orlando Bloom to attend Oz Comic-Con

Oz Comic Con fans rejoice as new additions to the Sydney and Brisbane line up are announced. 

Orlando Bloom known for his role as Legolas in Lord of the Rings and Will Turner in The Pirates of the Caribbean films will join co-stars from The Hobbit, Dean O’Gorman known for playing Fili and Stephen Hunter who plays Bombur at the Sydney and Brisbane events in September.

Over the past month Oz Comic con have added Buffy The Vampire Slayer stars, Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caulfield. Voice actress Monica Rial known as the voice of Hello Kitty. Multiple stars from the Veronica Mars Series and film, Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs III and Michael Muhney.

Other guests include:

TV & Film Guests

Orlando Bloom, The Hobbit – Sydney – Brisbane

Stephen Hunter, The Hobbit – Sydney – Brisbane

Dean O’Gorman, The Hobbit – Sydney – Brisbane

William Shatner, Star Trek – Sydney – Brisbane

Nicholas Brendon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Sydney – Brisbane

Emma Caulfield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Sydney – Brisbane

Percy Daggs III, Veronica Mars – Sydney – Brisbane

Jason Dohring, Veronica Mars – Sydney – Brisbane

Michael Muhney, Veronica Mars – Sydney – Brisbane

Jason Mamoa, Game of Thrones – Sydney – Brisbane

Booboo Stewart, X-Men – Sydney – Brisbane

Colin Ferguson, Eureka – Sydney – Brisbane

Chris Judge, Stargate SG-1 – Sydney – Brisbane

Corin Nemec, Stargate SG-1 – Sydney – Brisbane

David Nykl, Stargate: Atlantis – Sydney – Brisbane

Kevan Smith, Stargate Atlantis – Sydney – Brisbane

Allison Scagliotti, Warehouse 13 – Sydney – Brisbane

Eddie McClintock, Warehouse 13 – Sydney – Brisbane

Mark Sheppard, Warehouse 13 – Sydney

Voice Actors

Jim Cummings, Winnie the Pooh – Sydney – Brisbane

Rodger Bumpass, Spongebob Squarepants – Sydney – Brisbane

Paul Eiding, Metal Gear Solid – Sydney – Brisbane

Bill Farmer, A Goofy Movie – Sydney – Brisbane

Monica Rial, Dragon Ball Z – Sydney – Brisbane

Comic and Publishing Guests

Paul Abstruse, My Little Pony – Sydney – Brisbane

Wolfgang Bylsma, Gestalt Comics – Sydney – Brisbane

Kylie Chan, Dark Heavens – Sydney – Brisbane

Queenie Chan, The Dreaming – Sydney – Brisbane

Andrew Constant, Torn – Sydney – Brisbane

Ben Constantine, Plump Oyster – Brisbane

Doug Holgate, The Amazing Joy Buzzards – Sydney – Brisbane

Goerges Jeanty, Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Sydney – Brisbane

Tristan Jones, Infestation – Sydney – Brisbane

Paul Mason, The Soldier Legacy – Sydney – Brisbane

Stewart McKenny, DC Super Friends – Sydney – Brisbane

Adam Nichols, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Sydney – Brisbane

Wayne Nichols, Falling Skies – Sydney – Brisbane

Jason Palmer, Firefly – Sydney – Brisbane

Justin Randall, Changing Ways – Sydney – Brisbane

Christian Read, The Eldritch Kid – Sydney

Nicola Scott, Teen Titans – Sydney – Brisbane

Jon Sommariva, Go Boy 7 – Sydney – Brisbane

Chris Wahl, Star Wars – Sydney

Freddie E Williams II, Captain Atom – Sydney – Brisbane

David Yardin, The X-Factor – Sydney – Brisbane

Experience and dinner tickets are available including Shatner and Orlando Bloom experiences. As well as Veronica Mars, Stargate, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Whedonverse and Booboo Stewart Dinner options.

The events will take place in Brisbane from the 6th-7th of September 2014 at the Convention & Exhibition Centre and in Sydney from the 13th-14th of September 2014 at the Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island.

Visit http://www.ozcomiccon.com/home/ for more information and ticket prices.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Allison Scagliotti, Warehouse 13 (Sydney – Brisbane) has cancelled her trip to Oz Comic-Con, however co-star Joanne Kelly will be attending both events.

Joanne Kelly, Warehouse 13 – Sydney – Brisbane

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