Lily Allen took to the stage at Hordern Pavilion to perform new and old hits that had everyone dancing and singing along. Opening with Sheezus, Lily Allen walked out on stage in a fluro yellow jumpsuit and high ponytail, a complete look that worked exceptionally well with her amazing voice and wicked dance moves.

Throughout the show Lily interacted with fans, especially when people started throwing jewellery on stage, which she then proceeded to put on and perform the rest of the set in. Along with those items, fans threw a flannel shirt (which she also performed in at certain points) as well as a wallet and card. The wallet she returned, after she gave a stern talking to the person who threw it on stage and jokingly kept the card, stating she’d only give it back at the end of the show if said fan behaved.

Allen performed tracks like Hard Out Here, Smile, 22, Who’d Have Known, Life for Me, URL Badman and Our Time, mixing up her set list along the way. She has always appealed to a wide range of audiences, through her tell-it-like-it-is lyrics and humorous demeanour. Which is why she has a variety of fans, and tonight so many came out to support her. Special mention to the elderly woman who was dancing in front of us. She was up dancing and singing along to most of the songs, when there was a space in the crowd she’d find her way there, working her way towards the star and revelling in every moment of the show.

Lily had two costume changes, one which included watermelon print short-shorts. Ending the show in a skin tight red dress. She kept the crowd entertained throughout the show, not just with her performance but with her additional stories and jokes, giving fans insight into things that happen on tour and why she wrote certain songs.

Overall, it was an incredible performance. An incredible experience. I’d gladly see her perform live again.


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