Hilary Duff, Chasing the Sun

Hilary Duff has posted a short clip to her Instagram account giving fans a preview to her new single Chasing the Sun. From what we can tell the new track captures the essence of summer and mirrors some of her earlier work. We were fortunate enough to meet the star when she took to the stage for her Dignity tour in 2008, where fans were treated to a stellar performance and a variety of material from her repertoire over the years.

The star known for her role as Disney’s Lizzie McGuire has over the years released multiple albums such as Metamorphosis and Dignity. Her new album will mark her return to the music industry after a six year break to work on other projects. In that time Duff has authored three novels, released two fragrances, starred in films such as What Goes Up and appeared on TV shows including Ghost Whisperer, Gossip Girl and Two and a Half Men.

We can’t wait for the release of her upcoming album, which promises to be unique and inspiring, having worked with Ed Sheeran and Colbie Caillat to mark her return.

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