Lorde, bringing the heat to Sydney

I’ve never seen Lorde perform live, so I was looking forward to finally seeing her in Sydney last weekend. I’ve admired Lorde and the way she has taken the world by storm with her amazing talent. 

We entered the Hordern Pavilion from the cold Sydney weather outside. Lorde came on at 9pm to the jubilant cries of adoring fans and commenced what can only be described as a memorable show. The hype was complimented well with a standout performance, with Lorde mostly performing in an Ellery attire that suited her set brilliantly. 

Her vocal talent is quite breathtaking with various altered versions of favourite songs, capped off with her spectacular moves. With hits including Royals, Ribs, Tennis Court, Glory and Gore, Team, 400 Lux and Buzzcut Season, fans were not disappointed. Initially starting the show against a simple black backdrop, the curtain fell to then leave the star positioned underneath a beautiful chandelier. 

Lorde belted out hit after hit, pretty much giving us a live performance of her complete album, with beautiful lighting designs working to add another element of luxe to the concert. She concluded with a costume change, a billowing gold design that amplified the complete image, her dancing, the lighting, the full show. Lorde took the time out to thank her fans, remembering how she started her first Sydney show in a pub and now headlining two shows at the Hordern Pavilion. Channelling her friend and fellow music superstar Taylor Swift when it came to her appreciation of her fans. 

It was overall a standout performance, that had many in the audience singing along and sharing in the energy Lorde produced. She concluded the show with her song A World Alone, and the words, ‘people are talking. Let them talk.’

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