Germany, World Cup Champions

Germany have won the World Cup, taking home the win in extra time with a 1-0 victory over Argentina. It was quite an intense game. Both teams putting on a a wonderful performance.

Having followed the German team from the start, I wasn’t surprised they would do so well in the tournament, playing consistently well in all their games. The final was no different. In my opinion both sides played exceptionally well. Argentina’s defence was strong, sending the game into extra-time.

Germany finally scored in over-time with substitute Mario Goetze scoring on the 113’ breaking the deadlock. Overall this has been a phenomenal tournament, some really spectacular games.

Previously, I’ve only ever watched the occasional game here and there, you know, whenever your favourite team plays. However, this year I’ve probably watched 80% of the games live. The quality of play and level of skill shown this year has exceeded every single one of my expectations.

World Cup Champions – Germany

(The first time a European country has won the World Cup in the Western Hemisphere.)

Golden Glove – Manuel Neuer

Golden Ball – Lionel Messi

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