TV – Once Upon A Time – Season Three Finale

Whilst America were treated to the Once Upon A Time finale on the 10th of May, Australian audiences have had to wait to watch the double episode on Channel 7 on the 22nd and 29th of June. Fans were not disappointed. The show has developed over the past three seasons with elaborate story lines that capture the imagination of both children and adults. The intricate story lines weave within each other and every episode leaves the audience wanting more.

The chemistry between characters really elevates the show from your normal fairytale storyline. The use of past and present sequences as well as placing each season in or around a new land really gives the audience more to play and go along with, on each journey. Some of the characters also receive a sort of redemption when it comes to the personality or prior perception of what we know them as. We see villains take on the role of leaders and heroes and battle between good and evil, where sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

Every season I find myself sitting around the television, with family and friends, watching the going ons of the characters from the Enchanted forrest. Watching the writers interpretation of classic tales with a twist, and the story lines cross over to create an even more interesting and unique look at the background of each character.

Once Upon a Time as a TV series, in my opinion, has excelled at portraying a truly interesting and sometimes honest interpretation of fairytales. The mix of both reality and fantasy really plays with both the characters minds and that of its viewers. We are constantly taken back and forth, and again, this relates back to what made each character they way they are in present time.

The first half of the season we were situated in Neverland, the second half of the series we took a trip to the land of Oz. Where ‘evil’ was challenged by ‘wicked’. What really resonates with audiences is the aspect of home. Each character has his or her home, and that can sometimes act as the drive for a character to succeed. Emma addressed this in the final episode and her lack of home be it physical or emotional, is explored and tested when she and Hook are transported to the past.

The episode was put together brilliantly. Some very funny parts, as well as heartwarming moments and others that can only be described as gripping. From the ball scene, to the moment where Rumple and Belle wed, every part absorbed you completely. Ultimately, ending with a hint as to where we would be travelling to next season.

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