TV – Da Vinci’s Demons – Season Two Finale

I just watched the season two finale of Da Vinci’s Demons, I have to say it was brilliant. The complexity and structure of each episode really captures you. The last two episodes have left me equally as shocked. The twists and turns truly are magnificent. I applaud the creator, writers and directors. They’ve created a show that keeps the viewer waiting in anticipation for the following episode, making you think, observe and connect with the characters.

The work that goes into creating this amazing show can truly be seen on screen. The imagery is quite beautiful and the way that the writers and directors incorporate the artistry attributed to Da Vinci is quite breathtaking. Utilising this technique at times when Da Vinci is trying to solve a problem or come up with an invention, it creates this whole new dynamic that distinguishes this show from others. At times I even find myself participating and trying to creatively come up with a solution.

These attributes add something extra to the show, something that intrigues the viewer and connects in a remarkable way. The layering within each episode is quite extraordinary, and every storyline adds something to the show overall. Not a second is wasted. I’ve seen shows developed as a historical fantasy drama and in my opinion none have done it quite as brilliantly as this. Last season was equally just as spectacular. I look forward to the following season.

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